Arizona Epoxy Systems offers a wide range of services to assist with vapor and moisture issues on your project.  We can assist your company with the following:   Calcium Chloride Moisture Testing, pH (alkalinity) Testing, relative humidity testing, moisture mitigation & pH stabilization systems application. Our moisture product recommendations are based upon your projects unique attributes and requirements as well as the flooring manufacturer requirements and specifications for their warranties to remain valid.

Moisture can greatly accelerate the deterioration of your flooring and its coating. Having the proper coating for your environment can save you a world of trouble and financial pain. AES will set you up with the right options to maximize the benefits you receive from your flooring.

Arizona Epoxy Systems can determine the proper solution for your needs based on a site visit and can also offer you a free estimate. Our technicians are highly trained and will be able to quickly assess your situation and present you with well-explained options. We are leaders in Epoxy and Urethane flooring in the Phoenix and the Valley of the Sun and we guarantee that you will be satisfied with the results you get from AES.

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