Aviation Epoxy Floors

Aviation Epoxy FloorsAviation facilities rely on the image they present and are involved with the storage and maintenance of aircraft. Aviation facilities typically require a high-gloss coating that is easy to clean and delivers high-level light reflectivity. Chemical resistance to Skydrol, Jet-A, slip resistance, and weight durability are all critical elements. Assembly areas, Hangars, Maintenance, Military bases are all common places for aviation epoxy flooring.

Warehouse and Distribution | Commercial Epoxy Floor Coating

Warehouse and Distribution | Commercial Epoxy Floor CoatingHigh-traffic areas demand a high-wear flooring solution, and the heavy-wheeled nature of warehousing is ideal for the high-traffic commercial epoxy floor coatings systems that Arizona Epoxy Systems can install for you. Common places for this type of epoxy include: Loading docks, Main traffic isles, Storage areas.

New Build Construction | Industrial Epoxy Coatings

New Build Construction | Industrial Epoxy CoatingsTo a general contractor, flooring is one of many important elements to consider. For Arizona Epoxy Systems, it’s everything. When you contract with AES, you work with us directly throughout the entire project. Every industrial epoxy coating installation is professionally managed through completion by the expert AES team. This level of service not only enables us to confidently undertake any project – regardless of its scope and size – it also positions Arizona Epoxy Systems as an ideal corporate flooring partner.

Healthcare Facility

Healthcare Facility epoxyIn a healthcare environment, facility managers and administrators face a multitude of difficult challenges. Flooring shouldn’t be one of them. Durability, safety, sanitation and ease of maintenance are essential requirements in day-to-day wellness operations. Whether it’s an eye-catching lobby, corridor, operating suite or a central plant facility, our installations and innovative flooring systems offer a distinct departure from conventional looks from the past.

Food and Beverage Grade Epoxy

Food and Beverage Grade EpoxySanitation, safety and durability are concerns of every food and beverage facility. Arizona Epoxy Systems’ proven food and beverage grade flooring systems are designed to meet the stringent requirements of the food and beverage industry. With our knowledge and experience, we can provide the best possible flooring solution to meet the most demanding applications.

Semiconductor Plant

Semiconductor PlantArizona Epoxy Systems offers proven products essential to high technology manufacturing environments. Our electrostatic discharge flooring systems are designed to provide enhanced ESD properties to a variety of the epoxies and urethanes that we expertly install. Your facility floor plays a vital role in the success of any hi-tech ESD control program. With our comprehensive ESD product line, technical and contracting support, Arizona Epoxy Systems is dedicated to providing fully compliant, turnkey ESD flooring solutions that provide peace of mind both today and in the future.

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