Professionally installed and carefully selected concrete epoxy floor resurfacers can save thousands in costly concrete slab replacements and disruptive downtime from your operations. If your building has surface cracks in the concrete they can be repaired economically with Epoxy or other resinous resurfacing systems. Depending on your application there are performance topcoats, decorative options, striping, and even slip resistant coatings for safety.

Complete Concrete Floor Resurfacing

When the time comes and your concrete floors have damage and surface cracks it takes a team of expert field technicians with the expertise and knowledge to do it right.  Truth be told with the chemicals involved and the application system it is a science to apply.  It takes training and experience to properly resurface these concrete floors, and that’s where Arizona Epoxy Systems comes in.  We are Arizona, Utah, and Colorado’s solution when it comes to caring for, preserving and repairing concrete floors.

When Should Surface Cracks & Damage Be Repaired?

If a crack has been reported or if you see some damage it should be repaired immediately. This is important to keep water out of the concrete which will deteriorate your floor and lead to those expensive slab replacements. After your repair and when your budget allows you can go with the full resurfacing. Given the size of your facility this means you might rotate which areas are being resurfaced, so they land on different schedules to be less disruptive. Arizona Epoxy Systems can help you come up with a concrete care plan that will help you maintain your facility affordably and easily. Our highly trained technicians will come to your facility, assess where you stand, what your concerns are and help you make the best decisions that will end up saving you thousands in expensive floor replacements.

LEED® – Green Building and Sustainable Flooring

Arizona Epoxy Systems is committed to continued sustainability.  If you’ve gone to the effort of commissioning, designing and building a new structure that has LEED green standards in mind our systems will contribute towards your LEED points.  Which will help you get your LEED Building Certification from the U.S. Green Building Council.

The epoxy coatings we use are long lasting, in contrast to some of our competitors.  With significantly longer life cycles than other materials that are not LEED compatible our materials will help cut down on how often your floor coverings have to be removed, disposed and replaced.  Generally speaking when one of these long lasting epoxy coatings does reach the end of its cycle it can actually be left in place and just reapplied directly over, this creates less waste and goes another step towards sustainability and green building maintenance practices.


Located in Phoenix we Serve the Southwest Arizona Industries for all Commercial Flooring applications.