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If you are searching for “Epoxy Flooring Phoenix“, Arizona Epoxy Systems can help! We offer industrial and commercial epoxy flooring in the Phoenix Metropolitan area including: Phoenix, Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, Tempe, Scottsdale, Glendale and more!

Epoxy Flooring In Phoenix

Arizona Epoxy Systems is the leader of epoxy flooring installation in Phoenix, Arizona. Some of the hi-performance epoxy flooring solutions we offer are: Epoxy coatings, Urethane coatings, Quartz Flooring, concrete staining, concrete sealant installation, exposed concrete floors and epoxy flooring for all different types of industrial and commercial flooring needs.

Airport Hanger Epoxy

Keeping your airport hangar and high transport areas clean and safe while also keeping the attractiveness of your airport floors…

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Automotive Epoxy Flooring

Automotive repair shops & automotive dealerships need epoxy flooring for many reasons. Epoxy can drastically increase the…

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Garage Floor Epoxy

Epoxy flooring is a durable and tough finish that can applied to any garage floor. This garage epoxy floor coating can protect your …

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Concrete Epoxy Flooring

Concrete flooring, by nature, is porous and allows water moisture to get through, which results in mold, stains and damage to the interi…

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Concrete Restoration Services

Arizona Epoxy Systems can repair concrete flooring cracks by injecting epoxy resin material into the crack. The repaired area will be coa…

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ESD Epoxy Flooring

Having problems with static electricity in your building? Electro-static dissipative (ESD Flooring) flooring can help! AES has years…

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Food & Beverage Epoxy 

Food and beverage flooring & manufacturing environments are exposed to a variety of corrosive contaminants and by-products such…

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Manufacturing Epoxy Flooring

Many manufacturing facilities need industrial-strength flooring that is durable and can endure serious abuse from the heavy wear an…

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Warehouse Epoxy Flooring

Warehouse epoxy flooring uses our top of the line flooring solutions that can handle the rigorous demands of warehouses, assembly lines…

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Hospital Epoxy Flooring

Hospital flooring sees some of the most extreme wear and tear of any type of commercial facility. Thousands of patients are constantly …

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Quartz Epoxy Flooring

Quartz flooring, or double broadcast flooring, is a seamless flooring system that utilizes epoxies infused with quartz sand.  Arizona Epoxy Sy…

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Moisture Mitigation Epoxy 

Moisture and water can greatly damage your flooring and its epoxy coating. Having the right coating for your enviro…

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Urethane Flooring Topcoat

Urethane coatings are ideal as a topcoat over any epoxy base due to the fact the Urethane is UV stable.  This means it will not t…

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Urethane Mortar System

Our Urethane Mortar Slurry system is a 3 part urethane mortar/slurry that has outstanding durability qualities and can handle…

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Urethane Concrete Flooring

Arizona Epoxy systems is happy to offer urethane cement flooring! This durable, sanitary and aesthetically pleasing coating is perf…

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Industrial & Commercial Epoxy Flooring Clients

We provide commercial epoxy flooring for the following customers.

  • Hawker Beachcraft
  • U.S.P.S – United States Postal Service
  • Cancer Treatment Centers of America
  • Shamrock Foods
  • Sara Lee
  • Atlantic Aviation
  • Davis Mouthan AFB
  • Luke AFB
  • Town of Gilbert Police Deptmartment
  • Allied Waste
  • Chase Bank
  • Sub Zero
  • Honeywell
  • Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)
  • Arizona Department of Public Safety

Free Epoxy Flooring Quotes In Phoenix 

If you would like to schedule a free epoxy flooring quote in Phoenix, give AES a call today at (480) 423-7390 or fill our estimate form.

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If you are searching for "Epoxy Flooring Phoenix", Arizona Epoxy Systems can help!