So you want to install a new type of flooring but not sure if epoxy system works best for you particular application. Here are some suggestion on what you should consider before deciding what type of flooring your should use.

1. How long does new epoxy flooring installation take?

Typically, epoxy flooring installation takes around 3-4 days to complete. Prepping and getting the floor ready to receive epoxy flooring usually takes about a day. Also, it will take more time if epoxy baseboards are needed or if they need to be skimmed before installation. Day 2 is when the epoxy flooring is applied and installed. Day 3 includes installation of clear coat sealer.

2. What type of epoxy flooring is the most cost effective?

Our trowel down epoxy is durable and has excellent resistance to chemicals. It has an orange-peel like texture and is slip resistant. After the installation is completed, it doesn’t need clear coat sealers like some other epoxy flooring types, rather, its waterproof and seamless without cured seams. Better than tile because it doesn’t have grout where germs, dirt and odors can get trapped so there is less maintenance involved as well. Also better than VCT because you will never have to strip, buff or wax this flooring type. It will naturally maintain its beautiful appearance with light cleaning and maintenance.

3. How experienced are the epoxy installers who will be installing our floors?

Arizona Epoxy Systems has been in business since 1996! All of AES’s flooring crews are certified installers of epoxy. In order to be certified, each one of our installers much go through a 6 month training program before ever taking the lead on any flooring project. With rigorous training and education, our installers have the skills necessary to deliver quality looking floors day-in and day-out. AES’s staff has been installing epoxy flooring the Tempe, AZ, Salt Lake City, Utah and Denver, CO for 30+ years.

4. Will the floor installation company back up their epoxy with technical support and top notch customer service?

We stand behind our quality products 100% and offer top notch customer service to any customer we serve! It’s no coincidence why 60% of our business is from repeat clients or referrals. Also, our technicians are always available to answer any of your questions or concerns about our products.

5. Is your epoxy flooring company licensed and insured?

Arizona Epoxy Systems is ready to take on any project that comes our way. We are fully licensed and insured contractors based out of Tempe, AZ and can mobilize our fleet to tackle any project, any place, any time.

6. Can your company supply references that would back up your claims?

We would be happy to provide you with references to ease your mind if desired.

7. Does your epoxy installation company provide detailed estimates of the work they provide in the quotes they submit?

We try to make proposals as clear cut as possible, outlining exactly what we agree to complete and a detailed outline of what we charge for our services. Honesty and Full Disclosure is #1 key to customer satisfaction!

Arizona Epoxy Systems, LLC. in Tempe, AZ is one of the Southwest’s largest concrete & epoxy coatings installers. We also offer epoxy flooring systems, quarts flooring, urethane flooring & concrete restoration and concrete industrial flooring contracting in Tempe/Phoenix, Arizona, Salt Lake City, Utah & Denver, Colorado for all different types of industrial and commercial uses.