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Epoxy Floor Maintenance Guide

If you are searching for “Epoxy Floor Maintenance“, this guide/article is for you! Proper maintenance will ensure that you will get the most out of your epoxy floor coating. Consider these tips below to maintain and clean your epoxy flooring shine!

Epoxy Cleaning Regiments

When you have epoxy flooring for a long time, with the right maintenance you will realize that it doesn’t take that much time or energy to maintain the coating.

You will only need to mop the floor a few times a year and then just vacuum debris and some spot cleaning. It isn’t a lot of work to keep your floor visually attractive and welcoming to your guests. Compared to other floors that have wear and tear, stains, dust and other types of issues.

Whether you have professional epoxy coating for the garage, porch, basement, pole barn, or sunroom the maintenance and usage tips are basically the same. A few of the items below are just for the hard use epoxy applications.

Epoxy Floor Maintenance Tips:

  1. For vehicle drippings or minor spills, just wipe up with a soft cloth or paper towel.
  2. Routine cleaning is best done with a blue commercial dust mop or soft bristled broom.
  3. For heavy cleaning, sweep the debris away and then mop the floor with a hard foam mop, clear ammonia, and hot water. Use no more than 5 ounces of ammonia for a gallon of water to remove the soiling.
  4. Winter road pretreatment chemicals may cause a hazy film on the floor coating after it has been cleaned. This can be removed with a deck brush and hot water. Continuously rinsing may be needed to keep the chemicals from drying into new areas of your floor.
  5. Stains such as rust may need to be lightly scrubbed with a kitchen pad. If you can’t remove it with hot water, use Soft Scrub. Don’t use Comet or other types of abrasive chemicals on your coating.
  6. You can hose it clean and then squeegeed dry.
  7. Don’t use cleaners that have acids or soap based cleaners. Soap cleaners leave a residue on the flooring which takes away from the shine but becomes really slippery if the floor gets wet.
  8. Use a welcome mate inside the entry door to help remove water and snow from shows when entering. Longer mats may be needed during winter.
  9. Place a mouse pad under kickstands to prevent damage to the coating.
  10. Make sure that all areas are clean before lifting a heavy load with a rolling jack.
  11. Use plywood under jack stands when lifting heavy loads.
  12. Use a welding mat when you are welding on/above the coating.

Avoid Damaging Your Epoxy Flooring

If you constantly mop the epoxy floors, you may end up with a buildup of soapy residue that will the dull the appearance of your floors. This can be stripped by using the third step.

While the epoxy coatings are quite durable, they aren’t indestructible. If damage happens, contact your flooring contractor to find out how you can repair the damage. If you need help maintaining your epoxy floor cleaning/maintenance and happen to live or do business in or around Phoenix, Arizona – Denver, Colorado – or Salt Lake City Utah:  Arizona Epoxy Systems can help! Give us a call today at (480) 423-7390 in Phoenix, or (303) 910-4747 in Denver or Salt Lake City.

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  1. It’s good to know that epoxy coated floors can get easily cleaned by being hosed off. My wife and I have been trying to find a way to spice up our garage flooring. I feel like an epoxy coating could add a sleeker style to the entire room.

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