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Written by Arizona Epoxy Systems

Do’s & Don’ts of a Quality Epoxy Installation

Here we list proper methods of mixing and installing epoxy resin. For this first installment, we are focusing on the “do’s” of a quality epoxy installation.

It is OK to “do” the following protocol when installing and mixing epoxy:

  • Only mix in enough epoxy that you can finish using within half of the pot-life. Over time, epoxy will thicken and become difficult to apply.
  • Smaller batches set up slower than larger batches. Start with only mixing small batches of epoxy and then slowly increase the batch size to insure you don’t loose your mix.
  • All epoxy should be thoroughly mixed for at least 3 minutes.
  • Take the extra time to make sure you measure a couple of times for accuracy.
  • Use only clean buckets to measure the epoxy in.
  • Use 2 different buckets for A & B Resin mixes.
  • Never mix A resin into B resin, only the other way around.
  • Warm epoxy sets faster than cold epoxy does, the smaller the batch, the faster it will set.
  • Remember warmer epoxies set much faster than cooler epoxies, so start by making small batches.
  • If you decide to use cold epoxy, make sure you give it the extra time to cure.
  • Substrate temperature causes the longest curing time, temperature of the material comes in a a strong second place and the temperature of the air has the least effect of curing time.
  • Always wear rubber type of globes and have eye protection when applying or mixing epoxy.
  •  Make sure you scrape all of the remaining resin out of both B & A epoxy containers.
  • Left over epoxy should be disposed of properly.
  • Make sure and read all labels and instructions before beginning the application.
  • Separate your A and B resins when you receive your order so that you know have received everything before starting the application.
  • If you have to stop your application in the middle of application, contact your technical support to team to make sure you use proper methods of stoppage. For aesthetic purposes, if you do stop a coating in the middle of the job, its best to stop the application near a masked-off line. Make sure before the epoxy harden that you remove the tape.
  • Make sure you have all needed supplies before mixing and application starts.
  • Never be afraid to ask question if you are unsure about any step of the mixing or application process.
  • Clean your skin and other surfaces immediately after coming into contact with epoxy resin.
  • Only apply epoxies on sound and clean substrates.
  • Always use clean pails to mix together your epoxy.
  • Use a power drill for easy epoxy mixing.

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