Different Types OF Epoxy Flooring Pictures
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Different Types OF Epoxy Flooring

Are you searching for “Different Types Of Epoxy Flooring“? If so, Arizona Epoxy Systems can help! Below are the major different types of epoxy flooring systems used in the industry.

Epoxy Flooring Types

When it comes to epoxy flooring, you have a choice of many different types. Your choices include:

  • Epoxy Floors That are Self Dispersing– Used in heavy traffic areas due to its amazing strength.
  • Epoxy Floor Mortar- Used in repairs for cracks before laying other types of epoxy flooring, this is also recognized as the strongest epoxy flooring available.
  • Quartz Sand Self-dispersing Epoxy Floors- Same as regular self-dispersing epoxy flooring, only with quartz sand included for anti-slip qualities.
  • Terrazzo Epoxy Flooring- Mainly used in large spaces, these are very decorative.
  • Anti-Static Epoxy- These are ideal floors to use in highly sensitive areas that require no static present in the environment.
  • Graveled Epoxy Flooring- Offering great anti-slip properties, these are the most decorative flooring, however, much more complicated to lay.
  • Flaked Epoxy Floors- These floors are wonderfully decorative, mixing colored chips/flakes within the epoxy base. These flakes also provide a slightly rough surface offering slip resistance. These colors can be of your choice, combined in any combination.
  • Self-leveling Epoxy Flooring- Easy to clean, as well as maintain, they are most popular in dining rooms and kitchens.

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