Arizona Epoxy is a licensed, bonded and insured concrete contracting company since 1996. We have years of experience in concrete construction for the commercial, industrial and residential marketplace in Tempe Arizona, Denver Colorado and Salt Lake City, Utah. Call Us Today (480) 423-7390.

  • CONCRETE POLISHING –  floor grinding and leveling
  • FOUNDATION REPAIR –  horizontal and vertical fractures, crack repair, patching and slab lifting.
  • DECORATIVE CONCRETE – staining dye stains, epoxy coatings and  acid.
  • RESURFACING –  epoxy quartz,  floor grinding, polyurethane coatings, industrial coatings, Castorcrete.

AES Guarantees Superior Workmanship

After the initial evaluation and estimate, Arizona Epoxy Systems can repair cracks by injecting epoxy material into the prepared crack. The repaired area can be coated to closely match the surrounding area in both appearance and the type of protection provided. Larger cracks and spalls, where the concrete has chipped into small pieces resulting in a hole, are repaired by “stitching” the crack and then filling it with epoxy. Arizona Epoxy Systems offers a wide range of services to be able to address any of the numerous concrete restoration issues that may possibly arise or already exist. We will work with you to evaluate the issue and provide the best products and services available in order to find solutions for your specific needs. Our trained staff will implement the desired solution on time and on budget in the most efficient manner possible. Whether you have cracks, spalls, rebar deterioration, failure of joints or any other issue, Arizona Epoxy Systems can and will provide you with the best solutions possible.

If rebar degradation underneath your concrete floor is the issue, Arizona Epoxy Systems can remove damaged concrete to expose the area and re-set the rebar by injecting material to hold the rebar in place. This process reinforces the underlying structure of the concrete floor significantly. Concrete can then be replaced over the rebar and coated accordingly.

Joint repair is necessary when the material installed between sections of concrete has deteriorated or been damaged /destroyed. Arizona Epoxy Systems will clean and prepare the joint, remove debris, and then seal the joint with the appropriate material.


Arizona Epoxy Systems has the experience and expertise to help you with any concrete restoration needs whether you are a General Contractor or an end user. Contact us today for more information or a free consultation.